Monday, August 19, 2013


Just as it invariably does, the day I thought would never arrive is here. Kindergarten. Sending my little boy, my oldest child off to school. Jacob is absolutely ready for this. He loved everything about preschool and I know that he will thrive on the things he's learning, the friends he'll make, the FUN he'll have every day of the week. The pictures tell his side of the story: absolute excitement. I asked him at the end of the day if he'd been sad at all. His answer, "Nope. I was excited!"
Mama, on the other hand, had her heart caught in her throat. I surprised myself with that one. The Friday before school started I took him to a Kindergarten open house at the school where he got to meet his teacher and explore the classroom, and as we were walking up the steps to the school I got all choked up. Same thing Monday morning on our way to school. Little sister misses her best friend during the day as well. She bawled as we left the school that first morning, and asked for him constantly throughout the day. "JayJay home!" "Pick up JayJay RIGHT NOW!" (insert sad face)

 Mom! Take a picture of my backpack!
 He was disappointed not to ride a school bus. But when the school is a couple of blocks down the street, well...
And he's off! We love you, son.

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