Thursday, August 15, 2013

Busy Summer

When Jake finished preschool the last week in May, I wondered how we were going to make it through the summer. Would there be enough to do to keep the kids occupied and happy? Would I have enough down-time to keep my sanity in check? Looking back, I'm amused that I was worried. We stayed busy, right up until school started. In fact, August may have been the crazy-busiest time of all. We had three sets of visitors come stay with us, one right after the other. There was just enough time to strip the bed, wash the sheets, and put it all back together before the next guests arrived. Despite being a little crazy, we loved having family come play with us.
Jake and Grandpa Miller right before swimming lessons. 
Grandma & Grandpa Miller with Kenna & Jake.
Three generations of Millers
Making puppets with Nana

Building a fort (and then tearing it down!) is fun to do!
Feeding  the giraffes at the zoo...a new experience for Nana
Playing on a life-size elephant

You can buy popsicle sticks with bird seed on them in the bird house at the zoo. Nana bought a couple and I managed to entice this little green parakeet to hop on. The kids thought it was fantastic (just look at the expression on Makenna's face)!
It honestly was so much fun having so many family members come visit us this summer. We loved the visits and we love you!

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