Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It didn't take Jacob very long to understand the concept of an Easter egg hunt (albeit indoors---it was snowing outside!)

Sleepy Little Angel

The antics of a growing two year old can be difficult to deal with, especially for this Mama who's patience wears thin a little too easily these days. Jake can be such a little devil sometimes...and then I see him like this, so angelic. I guess there's a good reason why my mom always says to look in on him when he's asleep. I need the reminder of how sweet my little son really is.

Nursery and Baby Shower

I have had so much fun getting the nursery ready for our little girl. It's soft and feminine with butterflies and flowers in lavender and a light brown. I saw the ceiling moulding in another home and loved the effect, so we recreated it in Makenna's room. It's been ready for a couple of weeks, the only thing lacking is the little girl who will reside here! (And there's NO progress on that one, though my due date is in 4 days! Any bets as to when she'll arrive??)

My sweet friends Janae, Pam, & Kristi threw me a baby shower a couple of weeks ago (and I hope I'm not leaving out anyone else!) Though it was a busy Saturday morning, so many people came to shower me with their love and support and I had a wonderful time! 

Backyard Playset Project

We bought a used playset for Jake earlier this winter (I love Craigslist!) that has been sitting on the sideyard until it was warm enough to put it in a more permanent place. Even though we've had plenty of snow and rain this last week, the sun has also shown its face over the last month and temps have been warm enough to work outside again. My hardworking husband dug out the sod and dirt from the back corner of our yard, leveled the ground, and built a box out of railroad ties to put the playset in. All the while, his little "helper" was a constant presence (and Jake's favorite way of helping right now is to either be right in front of where Brian is trying to work, or climbing on his back as he kneels in the dirt to work!)

And here is the finished project, wood chips, sandbox, and all! Thanks Daddy!

Build A Bear Birthday Party

Jacob was invited to Build-a-Bear Workshop for his friends' Katie and Joshua's birthday party back in March. Of course he chose a green bear (thank goodness for St. Patty's Day special editions!). It's his favorite color, much to his Daddy's chagrin. His favorite part of the whole experience was "washing" the bear after it had been stuffed. I don't know how long he stood there, pushing the foot pedal that blew air onto the bear and fluffing him with a brush.

All the little munchkins with their newly adopted creations.

Birthday treats!

 Does this child love treats! (and there were plenty of them, to be sure) And I think he loves the concept of Birthdays just as much. He hasn't stopped talking about when he's going to have his birthday for months. Too bad he has no concept of just how long it is until July!!