Sunday, January 24, 2010

Roommate Reunion

I got to visit with one of my roommates from BYU last week. Stephanie and her cute family are on a working adventure and were in Connecticut for a few months. I saw on her blog that they had been in New York during the holidays, and was happy to know that they were still around and we could meet up (I usually find out friends have been in town after the fact!) It was fun to catch up, meet her kids, and play for a couple of hours.

Snowball Throwing Lessons

My Boy loves to read!

Snake Video

Funny side note of Jake's first meeting with Ka (the snake). Jake has a habit right now of saying words twice...coatcoat, carcar, and now, kaka (get it?) LOL!

Slithery Snake

Brian has an unusual pet, a four foot corn snake named Ka (think of the Jungle Book). I swore to him that when we had kids he'd have to get rid of it. Well, the snake is no more harmful than the spiders on the wall, and 18 months later, Ka isn't planning on moving to a new home anytime soon. In fact, Jake has taken quite the interest in him as of late. If Daddy would let him, he'd take him out of the cage everyday.
I swear, this child of mine is going to be one who comes home with frogs and snakes in his pocket (whether he'll find them here in our neighborhood of Long Island is another story).

Sunday Funnies

Brian loves to do the Sudoku puzzle in the paper and can frequently be found with pen and paper in hand. It was funny to see Jake pick up a pen and draw on the funnies, just like his Daddy.

Jake all dressed up in his Sunday best...Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for the the new clothes!

Christmas 2009

We had a nice, relatively quiet Christmas at home this year. It was the first Christmas that Jake got to experience the excitement of Christmas morning. He loved the toys that Santa left for him and I think opening the rest of the presents took a back seat to the initial presents. In fact, Brian and I ended up opening most of the presents because the boy was overwhelmed with too much stimulation.
The initial surprise from Santa Claus--a tool bench.

He loves his Elmo doll! The funny thing is, he calls is "dada." I've tried to get him to say Elmo and he just repeats what he wants to...Dada :)

Both of the Miller boys got tools for Christmas!

Jake out in the snow...we had a white Christas (though it was really just leftover from the weekend before).

The boys building a snowman and throwing snowballs.

Our family self portrait in front of the tree.

**Sorry these are so late in posting. Life hit full speed with the New Year and it's been crazy busy in our parts (lets just say that I fully realize the power that water has and some days I wish that I was still least then a landlord had to take care of the bill!)