Saturday, July 17, 2010

Three Weeks in our New Home...

...and we've already had two visits from family, from opposite ends of the country. Aunt Ruth and Rachel drove a long way to spend a couple of days with us. Despite a quick bout of the stomach flu, we managed to have a good time. We went to the zoo, where we got to feed giraffes and I went with Ruth and Rachel to their first rodeo. Lots of fun! We can't wait to see you guys again.

Nana's Visit

Nana surprised us with a visit shortly after we moved into our new home in Colorado. What a saving grace she was! I had moved many times, but never of this magnitude, and was feeling so overwhelmed with the process of unpacking and making our house into a home. We're still a long way from being unpacked, but at least there is some resemblance to a home. It was so nice to have my mom here to share the workload, and Jake and Nana had a fun time playing together.
Thank you so much for coming, Mom. We love you!!

Jake had more fun with an empty box out in the backyard!

At Garden of the Gods--beautiful!

I did it!

Oh, the things you find when unpacking :)

Playing with Nana

A slide!

*I know most of these pictures are of Jake, but we really loved having Nana here. Thanks again!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday "2" You!

It's the birthday boy!! Jake is such a little boy (no more baby, that's for sure) and loved the excitement of his birthday. He wore birthday hats from last years party for days leading up to the big day and still gets the biggest grin when you sing "Happy Birthday."
The child is in love with Elmo, so that was the theme of our party this year.

Don't ask how much dye (not the cheap stuff) it took to make red, orange, and black frosting!

All the little boys wanted to help with the presents :)

Jake loves the Happy Birthday song

Blowing out the candles
Hooray for friends!

Hooray for family!

Hooray for cake and homemade ice cream!

We love you Jacob Cole! Happy Happy Birthday!