Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Auntie Came for a Visit!

My baby sister Kristen is nine years younger than I am. She was only 9 when I left for college, but over the years (18 of them, to be exact!) we have cultivated a strong friendship. The girls gotta stick together, I guess! Now if we didn't live so darn far apart. :)
Kristen came for a short visit this summer. She finished her nursing degree earlier in June, and has since started a full time job, so I'm glad that she came to play with us in the interim.
We spent a morning at Garden of the Gods, hiking & climbing on the rocks. It was hot, but its always an enjoyable outing.
 Jake and Kenna being silly, as usual.

 Me with my kiddos.
 Makenna had her toenails painted for the first time. She was so excited for "pink toes!" and sat still through the whole thing!
 One, two, three, four pairs of painted toenails...yep, that means Jake painted his too. :)
 We Love You Auntie Kristen! Thanks for coming to visit us!

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