Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Fun

 Summer heat is hot! And what a difference splashing in a pool makes! It wouldn't fit in either of our vehicles (it's a 5 foot diameter pool), so one afternoon Brian pulled the kids in the wagon to the grocery store (about a mile away) and then carried it home on his head while pulling Jake and Kenna. A silly sight, to be sure, but it worked! They had so much fun over the summer playing in their little pool.

 Jacob took swimming lessons again this summer, though in a much smaller pool with one-on-one instruction. What a difference a year of maturity and the change in environment made for him in learning to swim! Last year he was in tears every time we went to swimming lessons. This year he learned to float all by himself on his back, to jump in and turn himself over to his back (water safety), to dive for rings on the bottom of the pool, and to make some major progress in swimming strokes. And he loved it! We will definitely go back to Little Fins Swim School next year with both kids!
 Swimming with his teacher, Miss Natalie
Ahoy, Matey!! Pirate hats are lots of fun!
 General Silliness :)
 I sent Jake upstairs to get dressed one morning, and Makenna tagged along with him. When they came back downstairs (after much giggling in his bedroom) I found the little munchkin dressed just like her brother. With the baggy clothes and the long blonde hair, this picture reminds me of  the little twin boys on the cast of Full House (Uncle Jesse's kids--do you remember?)
 We love the zoo! Its even more fun when somebody besides Mommy gets to come (this particular trip we were joined by Daddy, Grandpa & Grandma Miller, and Uncle Gordon.)
 The chipmunks are a little too friendly, and not at all afraid of us.
 Kenna loves horses! She had been talking about riding a real horse (not just the carousel kind) for weeks. She has a picture book with photographs of real animals, and when the page is of the horse, she will sit on top of the picture, and say "riding horsie." Lucky for Makenna, the zoo has a pony ride for kids even her size. This was her first ride and she was thrilled!

 Jake continues to become an expert tree climber. Thank goodness he hasn't ventured too high yet!
 A visit to our local ancient cliff dwellings.
Build and Grow at Lowe's has become a favorite over the last couple of years for Jacob. Now little sister is big enough to get in on some of the action as well. I think the time will soon come when building one project will not be enough! And don't they just look cute?

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