Monday, September 2, 2013

Balloon Festival & Uncle Frank's Visit

Two weeks after returning from his trip to Utah, Brian again headed to the Beehive State but this time for the funeral of his beloved grandmother. When he came back home, his brother Frank took an extended layover in Colorado to spend the weekend with us.
As luck would have it, the annual Balloon Festival was in full swing. We'd never been (you have to get up before dawn) but decided to wake the kids up super early and head downtown to see the hot air balloons at Memorial Park. 
The public is scattered throughout the park right next to the balloons that are filling up and preparing for lift off. It was a bit noisy and crowded, but we all enjoyed the experience.
It was a spectacular sight to see so many hot air balloons floating up into the clear, blue Colorado sky. 
I think we'll make the Balloon Festival an annual event. Do you think you'll join us again, Uncle Frank? :)
Afterwards, we ventured to Garden of the Gods for a little hiking. Jake and Makenna found a grasshopper that had hopped onto a stick, enabling them to pick it up and hold it!

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Wendy said...

What fun balloons are of any size! Grasshoppers on the other hand......