Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nana & Papa's house

Our family vacation this summer was a trip to Washington to visit Nana and Papa. I hadn't been home in 2 1/2 years and my parents hadn't spent time with the grandkids in over a year, so it was a welcome week away. It was wonderful to spend time with family, see dear friends, and play around in both rain and sunshine.

Makenna sitting on Papa's motorcycle

Jake loves anything that GOES! and he was big enough this year to take a spin with Papa on his beloved motorcycle. Serious fun!
There was a "tall ship" in port at Bellingham Harbor, so we ventured down one afternoon.

A boy and his Papa

Makenna at the playground...the child has no fear.
 So sweet!
We all went to a kangaroo farm where you could pet and/or feed most of the animals.
Uncle Tyler fits right in!
Feeding the donkeys
Kristen kissing a llama!
Daddy and the kids snuggling a baby kangaroo
Nana swinging with Jake and Makenna
Uncle Tyler is a firefighter at the Burlington Fire Station and Jake's birthday present from him and Auntie Kristen was a behind the scenes tour of the fire station. Coolest present ever, if you ask me!

Sitting in the driver's seat, ready for the call!
Putting on the fire gear
Makenna and Auntie Kristen
Jake even got to "put out a fire" using the fire hose!
Kenna liked dancing around the fire hydrant.
The raspberries were in full bloom and did we ever partake, just about every chance we got!

Ice cream and fresh raspberries! And Makenna wasn't about to let her fair share be eaten by Mom without a fight!
Yep, still a Monkey!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Jacob had his first experience with swimming lessons this summer. We don't have regular access to a pool, so he hasn't been in the water too much in his four short years. And he's at an age where his fears are beginning to affect his confidence. So, even though Jake knew his swim teacher (she used to babysit for him), he still cried at almost every lesson. If I were to ask him what part of swim lessons he liked, I know he'd say, "Going out to get ice cream on the last day." To his credit, I have to say that he did make many improvements during the four weeks of swim lessons. And we'll be back next summer

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tidal Wave

They both love bath time. The bathroom floor doesn't appreciate it so much. 'Nuff said!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birthday Number Four

Another birthday for this little man. Four years old already. It was a day of celebration with friends & family, lots of sweets and new treats. Jacob was one happy kiddo.
 Party time with his friends, Lightening McQueen style!

 Race car cupcakes

 Hooray for new toys!

 Swing, batter batter, swing!!

 And the race is on!

 Makenna had to get in on the action

 You make me proud, son.

A dragon cake (no, I didn't make it)

 Yummy cake!

And the grand finale...a new bicycle!!