Thursday, October 2, 2008

It was a gorgeous fall day yesterday, and the Miller family went for a stroll at one of the many State Parks here. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it was nice to get out and enjoy the day. Here are a couple of pics of my boys from our walk.
On a completely different note, I have to admit that being a parent is so much more difficult than I ever imagined. You think you can anticipate what life will be like with a baby, but the degree to which life changes is completely unimaginable. And three months of compounded broken sleep really wreaks havoc on your physical and emotional state--which leaves you less than at your best to deal with the stresses and challenges of an infant. And then there's the little things that make you wonder how you ever felt so complete without baby. Like this afternoon, I was bouncing my son on my knee, trying to keep him entertained while helping my sweet neighbor with something, and Jake laughed. For the first time, he really laughed! And as I walked back home to put him to bed a little while later, I thought to myself, "Thank you, dear Lord, for reminding me of the joys, the little things, that help me find the courage to keep moving forward."


LindsayAnn said...

Lisa I miss you! These pictures only make me wish we lived closer. Your son is adorable! He is growing so fast, I can't believe how big he is already!

I'm not crazy Mommy said...

Ya done good, Lisa! Your boys are both adorable . . . the older one made so much more so by his obvious devotion to the little one in his arms. Congratulations, and I promise the funny parts will come. And also, some not so funny parts, and some really insanely maddening parts, and some oh-I-just-can't-even-begin-to-describe-it totally gross parts. Love you, and I'm so glad to be back in touch!

talonandanna said...

man does that boy look like his daddy or what?!!!!!!!!!!! adorable little thing for sure!