Friday, September 6, 2013

"Camping Trip"

A camping trip was a repeated request this summer by none other than my five year old. Jacob had a ball at the Father & Son over-night campout last year. It doesn't get much better than eating a picnic dinner, staying up way too late, and sleeping in a tent. So, we promised we'd go as a family this summer. Like so often happens, it didn't happen. Between Daddy's work schedule, our vacation away from home, people visiting us at our home, and a couple of last minute weekend trips for Brian, we ran out of summer before a camping trip could happen.
So, rather than not fulfill a promise, as best I could anyway, we "camped" at home. We had a bbq dinner, red checkered table cloth and all, made s'mores (in the microwave), and set up a tent in Jake's room for him to sleep in! Both kids thought it was great! :)
 Oooey Gooey Marshmallows!
 thumbs up--a good sign (I had no doubts!)

  Sleeping Playing in the tent
 Silly Kids! (Kenna loves to scream right now--our poor ears!)
Good night! I love you!

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