Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I caught Jake and Makenna playing so contentedly together in the sandbox the other day, and I wanted to capture the moment without disturbing them. (Thank goodness for a long zoom on my camera.) After Kenna was born, Jake sorely resented having someone take up a lot of his time with Mom and Dad. I'm pretty sure he took pleasure in making his sister cry, which was as often as I turned my back on the two of them. It's been steady improvement between them over the last two years, and I love seeing the small moments where my children play happily together & show their love for one another. There are even times when Makenna is upset with Mommy and runs to her brother for a comforting hug. They definitely still have many a scuffle, and big brother doesn't always win (and yes, the little sister in me is silently smirking when Makenna is winning the battle). I have siblings, too, so I know the bickering will continue as they get older; I can only hope that the friendship will grow and deepen as well.

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