Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Jake's preschool class had a Mother's Day brunch this morning. My favorite part of the whole shebang was a questionnaire that each of the kids had answered about their mom. And, of course, Miss Rachel (Jake's beloved teacher) read each one aloud for all to hear. I had to preserve this for posterity, and its too funny not to share.
My mom is as pretty as...a flower (awww)
She is as sweet as...a flower (awww)
She is as smart as...a fan (say what?)
But most of all, she is as special as...filling our marble jar!
What is your mom really good at? (not a chance, I hate cooking right now)
What does your mom do to relax?...she lays with us (and as soon as I lay down, they crawl all over me!)
Where does your mom like to shop? the market
How old is your mom?...36 (spot on with this wonder he'd been asking me! The youngest mom was "8" and the oldest mom was "83.")
What do you love most about your mom?...she plays with me
If you could buy your mom anything, what would it be?...quesadillas (bwahaha!)
What does your mom do while you're at school?...she goes to Kid's Club
The best thing mom cooks is...quesadillas (I think he might have been hungry when this was filled out!)
Her favorite food dogs
We like crafts...together.
She is really good at...helping me play angry birds.
As you can see, my mom is special because...she cooks the bestest! (His favorite expression at dinner most every night is, "Eww! Gross! I don't like this!")

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