Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Jacob's preschool class went on a field trip this week to Venetucci Farm, where they have an actual pumpkin patch! (I guess that's an oddity here in the Springs. The one our family went to last year had pumpkins spread out on the ground to be picked by the kids, but they were not attached to a vine.) The story says that many years ago, Mr. Venetucci decided to give all the pumpkins away to children in the Pikes Peak region, rather than sell them, because it made him happy. We definitely had a group of happy 4 year olds enjoying the animals on the farm, learning about composting soil, and finding the perfect pumkin to carry home.
 Talia, Jerrica, Izzy, Jake, Landon, Ava, Hayden, & John
 Preschool munchkins climbing on the tractor
 Digging for worms in the composted soil

 Jake & Makenna
 Jake found the perfect size pumpkin. The catch 22 of the freebie pumpkin is that the kids had to each carry the pumpkin they picked from the field to the car. No help from parents or teachers.
Makenna contemplating the size of the pumpkin...think she can carry that one home??

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Snow Mommy said...

Love it! That was our rule for pumpkin tours with pre school and kindergarteners. They had to be able to carry it to take it home!