Monday, September 17, 2012

Mmm Mmm Good

Makenna is a child who constantly has something to say, though not much of it is recognizable English. Dada, Mama, Jake, hi yo (hello), and a few others that I think are words. Sometimes I worry about her language skills, mostly because her brother was talking a lot more by this age. And really, he's never stopped (insert *sigh*) Maybe Makenna doesn't need to do much talking because Jacob does most of it for her. :) She's a smart little munchkin. I know that she understands a lot. She just doesn't say much. And then there are the occasions that take me completely by surprise. Tonight I made chocolate pudding as an after-dinner treat, a first experience for Kenna. Her messy little grin was too cute to not capture on film, so I ran for the camera. And what does she do? Looks up at me and says, "Cheese!" (On the video I prompt it, but the first time around she did it all one her own!)

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Holly said...

She is precious! I was really worried about Aidan's speaking skills. He was really slow and I was so worried he had problems. Nope, the kid started talking like crazy about two months ago and he will be three in March. Hallelujiah!!!!