Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Color Run

I like a little exercise motivation, something to push me a little harder. This summer that motivation was a 5K race by the name of The Color Run. Start out the race with a sparkling clean white shirt, end the race with a tie dye colored shirt...and face, and hair, and shoes, etc. Basically, at each kilometer there was a color station, where the runners were doused with a powdery colored substance. Finish the five kilometers, you were covered in it!

Posing for a picture before the race with some friends.
  Waiting in line...the runners crossed the starting line in heats, as there were more than 1500 participants.
 After the race, nicely colored (some of us more than others!)

 We went out to breakfast after the race...lots of stares! LOL :)
It was a fun morning.

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