Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Landscaping Work

We inherited a major mess of a yard when we bought this house two years ago. We'd done a lot of work ourselves to try and remedy the situation, but it just wasn't enough. With two very small children, it was difficult to get much done outside. So we bit the bullet this summer and hired a landscaping company to overhaul the front and back yards. After a little over a week of work on their part, we are very pleased with the look and the change that it has brought to our home.

This position was a common one at our house about a week ago...there was always something interesting going on in either the front or back yard. And big toys outside are MUCH more interesting than the ones inside the house!

There was a mini loader here all week long.

We had our own personal cement mixer (at least for an hour or so).

More dirt was accessible than Makenna had ever laid her hands on...and she put it to good use every chance she got!

Oh blessed dirt, how we love you!!
And the project is coming together.
A stamped cement walkway from the front door to the side gate.
Looking from the gate towards the street.
Comemoration of the project.
 Part of the backyard. 

 The walkway leading up to the front door (something we liked that is typical on the East Coast).

And there you have it! We love it...
except for the mole hole I found this morning (insert emphatic, "NOOOOOOO!!!!")
I have to say it, he's gonna die, sooner rather than later.

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