Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jake's New Favorite Things

Sleeping with Elmo and Moose--he won't go to bed without some sort of soft cuddly friend.

Feeding himself and not wearing a bib...I know, this picture doesn't depict either, but I thought it was funny. Daddy had to wear a bib to encourage Jake to do the same. Too bad it doesn't work for more than a couple of minutes. But he is getting really good at feeding himself with a "poon."

Driving the car. When we get home and I go around to unbuckle him, Jake gets this devilish grin on his face and dives into the front seat. My battery has only been dead the next morning on one occasion...I guess because I've gotten smarter.

Dogs (hence the movie "Lady and the Tramp") and being sans clothing

Having fun, whatever that may be. He's a happy kid, except, of course, when he's in time out!

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