Thursday, May 27, 2010

I wish that I had good news to report. I don't. I wish I could be doing a happy-happy-joy-joy dance. I'm not. What I am is frustrated. I should be grateful that, up until the last month, selling our home has been without many bumps. Too bad the last four weeks have totally made up for it. It's too intricate to explain all the details (nor do I understand everything), but suffice it to say that a certificate of occupancy was missing from the paperwork on our home (there never was one--it was said to have been grandfathered in because of its age), a now crucial document that the bank needed in order to grant the loan to our buyers. We rushed everything and everyone to work with us to get that piece of paper into our hot little hands, and now that we're ready, the bank decides that our buyers are going to have to reapply for their loan. Umm...hello? Not cool. Especially when the middle of last week we were told that we were going to close on the house this Monday. So, we had the trailer delivered, spent all day Saturday with our friends and family helping us load it, with the anticipation that we'd be gone by now. Not so. The trailer still sits in our driveway with 90% of our home loaded into it, and as of today we still don't have a closing date. Not even a good explanation of what is going on.
It's been very hard to try and be patient. I hate being left in the dark, without any control over what is happening. My mind races too far forward, spinning tales of what might happen...usually the worst-case-scenario. I know that in the end, when it finally does end, it won't matter. A year from now I won't feel any of the anxiety and frustration that I feel right now. But this is today, and that's whats on my mind. Thanks for listening. And any prayers you can send our way are always appreciated. I'm thinking we need all the help we can get at this point in time.


Wendy said...

You can do hard things!!! Keep it up Roo!

talonandanna said...

ugh- so not fun. i'm sorry for this mess you're in. my dad always used to say, make lemonade when you're handed lemons. LOL doesn't help any really, i know. :) but you are strong and you are patient and you will come out on top. i know it. sending up prayers for you tonight my friend. good luck.