Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

It's now official. Jake can roll over. We thought he did it about a month ago, but the doctor said it didn't count because his arm was stuck underneath him. So, last Saturday while Brian and I were eating dinner at the table, we looked over at our son who was playing on a blanket on the floor and there he was, on his tummy with both arms in front of him. He'd done it and we missed it! Oh well, Jake has made sure to impress us with his rolling abilities about 25 times a day since then. LOL :)It's crazy how fast he is developing and progressing, and how much life continues to change for us as he does so. So, check out little man Jake showing off his latest and greatest.


Holly said...

Oh! He is absolutely precious! Isabella has that same old man bald spot in the back going on. Gotta love it! Ben jokes that we purposely cut her hair that way. ;)

Christina said...

Lisa, it is great to hear from you! He is absolutely adorable! Glad to see you are doing well, and I didn't realize that you had a baby. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Brian,

He is so cute. We totally remember those times and are now feeling like we might want one of our own (not!) we'll just leave it to Jenny and Phil to bring us grand babies some day.

P.S. Matthew and Jeffrey liked the pictures of the turtles almost as much as baby Jake.

Love, The Solomon's