Sunday, November 30, 2008

Photo Tag

So, I've been tagged by my sister-in-law Kate to post a random picture on my computer. I'm supposed to post the 4th picture in the 4th file on my computer. Hmmm....that was a bit challenging, considering I have so many files within files (so I like a little organization, so what?) What I finally decided upon as the photo is from graduation day at Idaho State University. Wahoo! The day of liberation from my masters program had finally arrived! (Okay, so it was more like an emotional dichotomy--leaving behind so many people, memories, and experiences, both good and bad, that had completely shaped me as a person and a counselor, and exhilaration at finishing two of the hardest years of my life.) So, from left to right, meet Steve, Cindy, Mark, Brandon, Brooks, Kate, Marlene, Tanja, Cathy, Lisa, Malya, & Wendy. Good times. Glad it's over.

So, now...are you ready to play...I tag Anna, Emily, Lindsay, Maria, Holly, and anyone else who reads this and wants to play. :)

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