Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hike with Santa Claus

We thought the trees were pretty this morning, all covered in frost.

A trip to the Nature Center this morning yielded two fun surprises: Daddy came with us and Santa Claus stopped in for a visit with all of the kids.

Santa telling the kids about something (I don't remember) on our nature hike.

Snuggling up to Daddy (baby, its cold outside!)

Makenna coloring her art project very intently.

A hug for Santa. Makenna did just fine waiting her turn to see Santa, sat up next to him on the bench, and then he made the mistake of picking her up and putting her on his lap. She wanted nothing to do with him then! It took a few minutes, and Daddy right next to her, for Makenna to be okay with Santa. Oh, well. Baby steps. :)

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