Sunday, June 30, 2013

Park City, Utah Vacation

The vacation destination had to be a drivable distance this year. And my two year old severely dislikes being trapped in her car seat, so the distance needed to be short enough that I didn't melt down with all the potential whining and screaming in the backseat. We happened upon a fabulous deal at a Marriott resort in Park City, Utah, something we really couldn't pass up. And since great deals are usually last minute deals, we only had a couple of days to wash, pack, and completely ready ourselves to leave on a day-long road trip. I think the biggest part of packing was the hundred-million things I had to round up/buy/put together to keep the kids entertained on the long trip! I don't know how parents did it before there were portable electronics!
Without exaggerating, we heard the word, "out" about 500 times on the 12-hour trip. But there were no serious melt downs, on anyone's part, either. So, despite the fact that Makenna did not fall asleep until we were about 15 minutes from our destination (and it was 11 pm!) we called the trip a success. Now on to the fun part!
We drove down to Aspen Grove in Provo Canyon to hike the Stewart Falls trail, a hike that I loved to do when I was in college. It's 4 miles round trip, a long hike for little legs, and the kids did wonderfully! Makenna spent about 3/4 of it in her "purple seat"--gotta love the backpack carrier!

The only picture of all of us...I think Makenna is the only one actually looking at the camera!
Yeah!! We made it! The falls are much bigger than the photo shows. It was really cool to look up to the top and see the clouds moving across the waterfall. 

Too cute!

We visited with Brian's 95 year old Grandmother. She lit up with the love and attention from the kids. It was good to see Grandma Coley.
My sister-in-law Melissa, niece & nephews came up to Park City to spend the day with us. We all had fun in the swimming pools.
Jake and Elli
Kenna & Daddy
We noticed a little family of badgers living in the rocks outside our hotel window. It was fun to watch the Mama and babies.
Makenna giving her cousin Chase a kiss. I don't think he likes it. :)
Racing down the Alpine Slide!

We spent a day at the zoo in Salt Lake City with my brother Dave and his family. Jake and Nati are close in age, as are Makenna & Zach, so they play well together. It was a swelteringly hot day, but we all had a good time. 
Jake riding on the carousel.
Blowing bubbles with cousin Bailey
Cousin Elli turned 10 and we joined her family to celebrate her big day and play with everyone. 
Drawing chalk bodies on the sidewalk.
Fun in the sun at a splash park
Cutie Pie Zach

The biggest surprise of the vacation was Nana and Papa spontaneously driving down from Washington. All of their grandkids were in one place and they wanted to be there too!
I love this daughter was wailing, did NOT want to be in the picture, so Nana and Papa started crying too!
In was a fun vacation. There was lots of swimming, visiting/playing with family & friends, and trying to stay cool in the heat. And, as usual, the time to go home came way too fast! 


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