Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Beautiful mountain scenery. Colorado summertime weather. Very little responsibility. What more could I ask for from a mini-vacation to Breckenridge? We liked it so much last year that we took the opportunity again to spend a few days away from home. We tried to do some hiking, something a little longer and more difficult than the jaunt of last summer. It was a good attempt, but the hike itself wasn't nearly long enough. I guess I should do a little more research beforehand and not listen so much to the advice of the desk clerk at the hotel. :) The kids had fun, nonetheless, exploring the trail area, watching the fish in the water, and checking out a historic steam engine train that was on display nearby.


Jake remembered the fun he'd had the previous year at the Children's Museum, so of course, we had to stop in to play. They went fishing, flew in a helicopter, played doctor and patched up a broken Daddy, hid inside a bear den with too many bears to count, and had lots of fun. Mom and Jake even came back while Makenna was napping at the hotel.

Evergreen trees, pristine blue skies, snow capped mountains. Breckenridge really is such a gorgeous area, one that I would love to explore more freely (i.e. sans children!) Maybe next time!

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