Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

My brother Dave and his family came for a visit over Easter weekend. He and Kate have two kids, both of whom are not too much younger than our kids. It was so much fun to have cousins, constant playmates at our house for the whole weekend! We had beautiful Spring weather all weekend, and spent a day at the zoo, had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard, got all dressed up for church services on Easter Sunday, and enjoyed the company of more cousins that evening for dinner. Not to mention the playing, tickling, wrestling matches, way too many treats, and not enough sleep! It truly was a wonderful weekend, and we're very grateful that the Robinson clan made the long car trip to come play with us.
Natalie, Makenna, & Jake riding a lion at the zoo
Makenna wasn't too sure about getting up close and personal with a giraffe.
I'm pretty sure Nati felt the same way about the giraffe.
Touching a snake (this one's for you, Uncle Steve!)
My little owl sitting in his tree.
Kenna riding her horsie on the carousel.
Jakers, getting so big!
Hi Mom!
All dressed up in our Easter Sunday best! This was the best I got of my two munchkins.
And this is how all the kids really felt about having a hundred pictures taken of them. Are we done yet???
Auntie Fra Fra and her boys joined us for dinner, and the kids had a ball decorating dessert. I love this shot of Jake grinning at his beloved Auntie.
Look, Mom! I've got jelly beans!
So much fun! I'm not sure how much of the candy actually made it onto the cake
Love my boy!
Getting tickled by Uncle Dave
A wrestling match with Natalie. Although Jake's winning this part of the battle, I think it ended with Jake at the bottom of the dog pile. :)
Finding Easter eggs in our backyard
Sweet Miss Natalie
The best shot of Natalie, Zach, Jake, and Makenna. At least they're all four looking at the camera, right? :)
And this is what the other 99 pictures looked like! Trying to photograph an 18 month old, almost 2 year old, 3 1/2 year old, and almost 5 year old was really hard! Which is why the picture above was as good as it got. Funny side note: once Makenna figured out there was candy inside of the eggs, she had no interest in anything else. Lol! 

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