Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center

Jacob loves school. When your morning consists of playing with friends, drawing/coloring/crafts, learning new stuff, what's not to like? When Spring Break arrived the end of March, we were without the almost daily diversion of school for longer than Jake or Mommy would like. So, our little family decided to pay a visit to the almost local dinosaur museum and let the kids enjoy some prehistoric wonderment.
 Don't ask me why there was an army tent/teepee there. Maybe that's really where prehistoric cavemen lived?? The kids thought it was great, that's for sure. And the smile on Jake's face? I only captured it by telling him I had chocolate. Which I did not. :)
 Peek a boo!
 Loving on her Daddy!
 Help! We're about to be eaten by a giant shark!
The coolest thing about this place was the hands-on dinosaur learning center. Jacob is holding a fossilized dinosaur claw in the picture above. He also got to hold fossilized dinosaur poop, many different dinosaur bones, teeth, etc. The guide running the show was very knowledgeable, especially with (mostly) little kids asking the questions. Pretty cool! 

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