Monday, January 14, 2013

the Happy Birthday song

So, I have to add on a little bit to the last post, mostly so I don't forget. Makenna definitely loves the song, "Happy Birthday to You." It has become routine over the last week or so to sing it every night before putting her to bed, but she has pick who we sing it to. Last night I was snuggling with her in the rocking chair, and after we'd sung the beloved song to Daddy, Mommy, Jacob, and Kenna, I assumed we were done. Wrong. She holds up her teddy bear, indicating he's the next honored guest. Okay, my clever little one. One more time through. Wrong again! Makenna grabs hold of her blankie and indicates that I need to sing to her blanket as well. I had to chuckle but indulged anyway. About halfway through the song, Makenna starts giggling, and I'm pretty sure that she knew that singing Happy Birthday to a blanket was complete silliness. Funny girl!

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