Monday, January 7, 2013

A Happy Heart

I try to instill in my little ones a love of music, and its been fun over the last week or two to hear my little daughter start singing. As soon as the organ music begins on Sunday, Makenna picks up the hymn book and starts flipping through the pages, singing her heart out as loud as she can. Her favorite song is "Happy Birthday to You" (though not much of it is audible English). Driving to pick up her brother from preschool this morning, she was singing away to herself in the backseat. So cute! But the best part was this evening, as I was putting Makenna to bed. I always sing her a special goodnight song, and as I snuggled her in my arms and kissed her little face, she started singing to me. A special baby babble song, just for Mama. Makes my heart happy!

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