Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Little Miss

I feel a tiny bit of sadness as I've watched Makenna over the last month. The "baby" part of her is fading fast. I know it's part of life. Jake did the same thing, too, around his first birthday. The toddler stage emerges and babyhood fades. She's growing up.
 Loves to get into the kitchen more place to create major messes!

 Wheel barrow rides are lots of fun!

Time for trying foods that go beyond puree in a spaghetti 

and popsicles 

and yummy strawberries! 

Sassy little attitude 

Miss Independent. I couldn't resist how funny this shot was. Makenna was halfway undressed while the bath water was running and she got herself up on the stool, all set to brush her teeth. :)

The kid loves hats! Seeing her in this visor reminded me of my days working at a fast food joint. "Hello and welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order?" lol

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