Sunday, March 18, 2012

Makenna--10 months

When the days sometimes seem to last forever, it doesn't make sense that time should fly. Yet fly right by it does. My little girl will celebrate her first birthday in only seven more weeks, and suffice it to say that this Mama has a hard time believing it. So, before I forget (I'm good at forgetting these days) I want to write down some things about the Little Miss.
Makenna crawls really fast. It doesn't take her long to get where ever she wants to go. And she'll come find me when I'm not within eye sight. If I've disappeared into the bathroom for even a moment, I'll hear the pitter patter of her crawling on the wood floor down the hallway, and then her banging on the door and calling to me. She loves to climb, be it up on the fireplace hearth or on top of the bathtub in Mom & Dad's bathroom (I caught her all the way around the back of the tub this morning!) And watch out if the gate is left open, because she can climb up a flight of stairs without a problem. (The problem is going back down.) Her latest trick is standing all by herself, for longer and longer periods of time. Yes, she's going to be walking soon. She also loves the sound of her own voice, loves to screech, and makes sure that we all know she is an active participant in all conversations.
Her big brother is her best friend and biggest annoyance (except maybe for getting her diaper changed).
She loves Cheerios, yogurt, Club crackers, and milk. She loves reading books and tearing up paper/magazines. She puts everything in her mouth and has earned the nickname of vacuum cleaner. She's mastered drinking out of a sippy cup and drinking with a straw. She waves bye bye, gives kisses, and will pat my back when I give her a hug. She snuggles only when she's sleepy and about to be put in bed. Oh, how I love this little girl named Makenna.

Her hair is long enough for pigtails!!

Such fun with a balloon!

Bed Head!! Her hair was so randomly crazy this morning
that I had to take a picture and capture the memory.
(And a lovely expression to boot! I'm sure she'll thank me one day.)

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Wendy said...

What a great head of hair! I guess we are still trying to get that much hair around here on one little boy. It's so good to see pictures and have an update on such a lovely little girl!