Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gilligan's Island

Jake, like any three year old, I'm sure, is in love with water and anything that goes along with that. Boats, surfing, swimming, goggles, etc. He's been surfing on an open cardboard box. He goes swimming in the big bathtub with Mommy's swim goggles on (he calls them "gobbles"). He plays with toy boats in and out of the bathtub. And though it is from my generation, his new favorite story is that of Gilligan's Island. He can even sing you the theme song by heart! (Just be sure to turn the volume up on your monitor...he's being a little camera shy.)

**I should add a post-script to this blog post. Jake asked me one day, "Mom, was Jesus there too? (on Gilligan's Island)" No, I said. Why do you ask? And his response was, "Because Mary was there." LOL

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