Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Month

The final five weeks of my pregnancy lasted forever (and I say five weeks because Makenna decided to stay inside an extra week!). The last five weeks with baby have absolutely flown. It's hard to believe that my sweet Makenna has already been with us for five weeks. How much I remember of the last month or so is another story, however. I swear my brain is made of swiss cheese. Its amazing how a person can function with such broken sleep, night after night, at least as far as doing what is absolutely necessary. Feed, clothe, and diaper my children; that I can handle. It might be that Jake eats cereal for dinner and stays in his pajamas all day long (which he would prefer everyday if I let him!) but it gets the job done. My house is a disaster and my husband would surely prefer a savory chicken tikka masala to whatever I can find in the freezer that hasn't been around for a year, but again, hot dogs are better than cold cereal.
I surely look forward to longer stretches of sleep at night (she's doing better in that department), and having two children who are happy and content with their position as a beloved child in the Miller family (Jake's having a hard time right now). Its a matter of striving to find the definition of new normal in our home and daily routine (to which there is no routine right now) and taking it one day at a time.

**There are more pictures of the first week than the entire first month combined (thanks mostly to Nana's camera) but here are some of the lasts four.**

Sound asleep--so sweet!

Hold me too!

Tummy time--Jake likes it, Makenna does not.

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Wendy said...

What beautiful hair! I wish the Swiss cheese effect went away. I really wish it did.