Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Baby

Seven weeks old already!! I love that she is starting to smile more and more. Such fun to see her little personality starting to emerge!!  


Glenn and Natalie said...

Holy canoli--what a cute girl!!! Gets that from her momma. So glad to get the announcement in the mail--I need to check blogs more often! Makenna (shares a bday with Glenn) is so sweet & snuggly looking. WHy'd you guys have to move so far away? ;) Jake is looking so much older and, if possible, more handsome. Your kids are definitley blessed with good looks! Congratulations--we miss you guys!!!

talonandanna said...

wow girl- you'd better get an angry bird hook up. :) but i understand you have more important things to do. :) what a doll! i can totally see robinson in her! :) we are out of town for this holiday, but not that way unfortunately. but perhaps in the future we will be home at the same time? curious how you are liking your newer scenery n such where you are living? we have some good friends who moved to that area from utah and they LOVE it. hope all is well and that you are enjoying this time in life.