Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Updates

October was a busy month (when is life not busy, really?) filled with lots of fun activities. Brian and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary by going out without the boy (thank you to my mother-in-law for babysitting). I turned a whopping 33, and had a nice day at home with my boys. Brian got up with Jake that morning and let me sleep in...until 10am! On his birthday, Jake didn't understand tearing wrapping paper off of packages. He does now, that's for sure, and had fun "helping" Mommy open her presents.
We had a family outing to the Museum of Natural History (the location of the movie Night at the Museum). You could spend days there, it's so big, so we mostly looked at the animal exhibits. I think Jake liked the elephants and the fish the best (they actually have a life-size whale in the marine life exhibit).
Apples are in season here right now (which means cheap), so I've been busy making apple butter. I also had fun learning how to decorate Halloween cookies at a mini class with some friends. And, of course, we can't overlook Halloween. Though he wouldn't sit still and smile for the camera, Jake was adorable dressed as a monkey. What a fitting costume, as he is a monkey on a daily basis.
Monkey see, Monkey the Museum of Natural History

Jake liked the Elephants the best

Sitting in an oyster shell...wouldn't you like to find the pearl that could have been inside that baby!

Learning to decorate Halloween sugar cookies

Helping Mommy open presents on her birthday

Making apple butter

We had fun carving a Jack-O-Lantern

Ready for trick or treating on Halloween

with some of the loot he got from the neighbors...actually, this is the best picture showing off his cute monkey costume.

We couldn't resist the costume when we saw it two months ago...he's such a monkey that it was the perfect fit. :)


Glenn and Natalie said...

He sure is a cute little monkey!
Happy belated b-day Lisa!

kado! said...

what a cute little monkey!

you had a birthday!!?? Happy late birthday! I have been meaning to get back to you...things have been crazy here too!

i'd love to come over and learn how to make apple butter!..and i need to show you the photo books i made..i know you had asked about can look at mine before you make them!

those cookies look cute and YUMMY!

the kids don't have school on wednesday the 11th if you wanna get together!

talonandanna said...

you're a domestic diva! and what a cute little monkey! my boys were monkeys too! are you gearing up for winter? heading to b'ham at all for the holidays? hope things are well for you!

Matt said...

i love your monkey boy. hey, do you have any curious george books yet?