Friday, November 20, 2009

Children's Museum

The Long Island Children's Museum is a wonderful place, with lots of fun things for kids big and small. Among other things, kids can climb a huge treehouse maze, dig in the sand, make giant bubbles, build towers with wooden blocks, and even be a newscaster in their own television show! Jake and I had a fun morning there last week when we met up with our friends Cadance, Quentyn, and Mhasyn. Even though they're much older than Jake (10 and 4), both boys were so sweet and patient with him and his toddler interests. As you can see from the pictures, Jake had a great time.
On a side note, I never would have imagined when I moved out here three years ago that I'd be given the opportunity to reconnect with someone that I grew up with. It's been fun to get to know Cadance and her family, and I'm thankful to have found another friend. (And thanks, Cadance, for showing me how to make the collages online this afternoon. I love how it turned out!)


David and Kate said...

the collage is really neat! How fun! Jake is so big... and from when I talked to you on the phone sounds like he is going on more and more adventures ;) Wish we could be there to play!

kado! said...

I ♥ how the collage turned out! It looks Great!

that was a fun day, and so was visiting with you on Friday! how crazy we both ended up living only a few minutes from each other on the other side of the USA!

Tippetts said...

I remember that place! Soooo fun!