Saturday, May 30, 2009

God made can't hurt

My son has discovered the wonders of playing in the dirt. Actually, he just loves to be outside and if it means getting dirty, so much the better. I have a feeling that he's going to be one of those kids you have to call in for dinner about five times before they actually "hear" you. LOL! Here's a quick clip from last weekend.


Luella said...

You can bring him over to our house any time! Michael will be only too happy to share his hole under our treehouse that he has been digging for the past three years!

Glenn and Natalie said...

I think that boy is perfect--even if he does bite! ;)

I love looking at the zoo photos. Even though it was in Denver, it is making me want to go back to the bronx zoo!

p.s. girls like dirt too! ;)

denebug said...

Just wait until he discovers bugs! Roly-polies, earthworms, slugs, ladybugs--it'll be fun!

LynMarie said...

Cute! Spencer also loves being outside and has eaten his fair share of dirt.