Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kid Speak

Big brother and little sister were not getting along this afternoon--most likely both were tired, hungry, and cranky in general. Brian and I had escaped upstairs for a few minutes after he got home from work, talking while laying on the bed in our room. It didn't take long for Makenna to come upstairs crying--she'd had enough of her brother--so I pulled her into the bed with us to console her. I'm sure its a hard lesson to learn at three years old that sometimes brothers are just plain mean. Mostly to distract her from the continued crying (she's a pro at it!), we started talking about all the random things we should do to Jacob because he was mean to her.
"Let's hang him upside down by his toes."
"We get to eat cake for dinner and Jake can't have any."
"He has to take his shower tonight while standing on his hands."
"Let's throw all his toys in the garbage can so he  can't play with them."
Mom: "He should have to sleep outside on the deck tonight."
Kenna: "Yeah!"
Mom: "Should we let him have a blanket?"
Kenna: "No. He can snuggle with the bunnies outside. Their fur is soft like a blanket!"

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