Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Both kids took swimming lessons this summer, twice a week for a month. I love having them in one-on-one lessons because they learn so much with the individualized attention and instruction. Makenna took to the water like a pro. She is a fearless child (scary for me, in some ways) so my primary concern for her is water safety & survival at this stage of the game. She was eager to learn and mastered floating on her back, and being able get herself onto her back after jumping in the pool. And she LOVED it! Every night she'd ask, "Do we have swimming lessons tomorrow?" even for weeks after it was all over. Next summer, little fish.
Jacob had taken lessons last summer as well, so the basics of water safety came back pretty quickly for him. He moved forward in his swimming skills, and by the end of the month was able to do the back stroke the entire length of the pool without assistance. We were watching from above when he did it, and I was one proud Mama! 

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