Saturday, February 15, 2014

House Remodel

The main floor of our home was about ninety percent tile. Brrr!! Cold! Especially since I don't like to wear shoes! So, what started out as a plea to put some nice carpet down over the tile (like a large area rug) turned into a huge remodeling project on two floors of the home (which, to date, is still not done). To save some money, Brian decided to jack the tile out, pull out the wood in the small front entryway, and take out the old carpet in the office in the back of the house. All. By. Himself. To add my two cents (actually, it was mostly me doing the talking), if we were going to lay carpet in back portion of the main floor, we ought to put it upstairs too. And if we were going to change out the carpet, it made sense to change out the railing that is on the stairs and catwalk from painted oak to black wrought iron (oh so pretty!). So, the tile is gone and carpet and new bamboo wood have been installed (professionally), but the stairs and railing are still under construction. Its been a weekend only job, since Brian is doing most of it himself. Slow going, but it will get done. The pics below are only before pictures. We'll save the after ones for when it is all done...whenever that is. ;)
Hard at work, making a HUGE, dusty mess

The kids can finally play in the back room again, albeit on the rough sub-floor wood. I can't tell you how many pairs of socks were thrown away during the project. Sub-floor does a number on them!

The one and only time she's allowed to ride a bike in the house!

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