Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kid Speak

Jacob loves tuna fish sandwiches. It has been permanently placed on the Saturday lunch menu, no matter if we are home for lunch or not. I swear he would eat it every day if he had the choice!
We had the lighting in our kitchen replaced, and Brian has been in charge of finishing up the project with sheetrock, mudding, & sanding...on Saturdays, his day off from work. This last Saturday the kitchen was so full of sheetrock dust that it was pointless to be anywhere near the kitchen, let alone try making Jake's beloved tuna fish. It would have to wait until the following day.
Sunday lunchtime rolled around (and the kitchen was finally clean!!) and while Jake played in the other room, I made the sandwiches. He knew what we were having for lunch because he'd made sure to remind me, more than once, of my promise the day before.
M: Jake, lunch is ready!
J: Okay! What are we having?
M: (kidding) Dog food.
J: (Instant tantrum) No! I don't want dog food! That's not what I eat! and on and on and on...
M: Jake! I'm kidding. Relax. It's tuna fish!
J: I don't like kidding. You shouldn't say that. You're in timeout, Mom!

Oh, please!!! Can I??

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