Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Happy Plant

Meet the Happy Plant. It's real name is Allamanda Cathartica, but I call it the Happy Plant because that's what it produces...bright, yellow, happy trumpet flowers. And it makes me feel happy to see it. I received one as a gift from my mother-in-law when Brian and I were first married, and though I cared for it during the summer, it was left outside over the winter. I quickly learned that tropical plants are not New York winter-hardy. Brian got me another one, which, sadly, I had to leave behind when we moved, entrusted to my dear neighbor who always had beautiful plants and flowers in and around her home.
For my birthday this year, I wanted another Happy Plant. Having been shipped from sunny Florida, my little plant wasn't too happy to arrive in Colorado's early winter climate. It was seriously stressed, and lost all of its leaves. Every last one. I had no idea if it was still alive, but I kept caring for it with the hope that it would show some sign of life. Little by little I saw the beginnings of new leaves. Little by little it has come back to life. And about two weeks ago, it produced its first happy little yellow trumpet flower. Yeah for the Happy Plant! :)

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