Monday, October 31, 2011


Great big globs of squishy, slimey, pumpkin guts!

Jake loved helping Daddy carve the pumpkin.

Our little Lady Bug showing off Mommy's pumpkin masterpiece! I opted for paint this year, a much cleaner alternative to pumpkin guts.

Spiderman, waiting to hit the streets for trick or treating. If only the sun would set!

I've learned that I have to set my camera to continuous shot and just hold down the shutter button to get a few good pictues (of the hundred that I take). I thought that it was amusing to see how quickly Makenna's facial expression changes as these shots were one after another. :) I never did get the two of them smiling at the camera simultaneously. Oh, well. There's always another time.

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Holly said...

OH my gosh!!! Aidan was Spider Man too!!!! Great minds think alike, MOM! :) Friggin' adorable.