Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another First for Jacob (and Mom & Dad)

The crib has officially been removed from Jacob's room. It's "broken" right now in the baby's room, so no one can sleep in it. He's been sleeping well at night in his big boy bed for about three weeks, but would still choose to nap every day in the crib. The intent was to take the crib apart at the end of the month, and Jake would be done with it. Well, this last weekend he discovered that it was lots of fun to climb in and out of the crib. Not such a bad thing when you're just playing around, as the landing is soft. (The floors in our home are carpeted.) Last night we put him to bed, like normal, and went about our evening chores. All was quiet upstairs until about 9:30 when we heard Jacob cry out. Brian ran upstairs to check on him and quickly discovered that Jake's face was covered in blood. Somehow he had lacerated his eyelid (though we really didn't know the extent of the damage with his face bloodied the way it was.) Needless to say, we ended up going to the Emergency Room. He didn't end up needing stitches (thank goodness), rather the doctor used Steri Strips to tape the laceration closed. Jacob was a trooper through the whole ordeal, and was his normal, energetic monkey self for most of the day today. He'll have a nice shiner, and may have a slight scar, but he really was blessed to not have cut his eye (the picture doesn't really do it justice--it's a much cooler looking owie than the camara captured).
So how did it happen? It's still a mystery, as two year olds aren't the best at conveying important information. My best guess is that he woke up and decided he wanted to sleep in his crib instead of his bed. Tired and somewhat disoriented, he probably fumbled getting out of bed and ended up cutting his eye lid on the head board as he fell onto the floor. Of course, we'll never know for certain; but we made sure that he doesn't try and follow through with that grand idea again. And we hope that Jake's next trip to the ER doesn't happen any time soon.


Wendy said...

Glad he didn't hurt anything else. Not saying that cutting the eyelid is trivial but glad it didn't get the eye. I hope he will enjoy showing off his owie to all that will give him sympathy.

David and Kate said...

Ouch! Dave caught Natalie trying to climb out of her crib this weekend. Not looking forward to those adventures! Love you guys! Hope his owie feels better soon!