Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Activities 2010

We decorated a gingerbread house this year. I'll admit that Costco was really the architect, but we did the exterior design. It ended up being  full of fun color, and a tree, gingerbread man, & a snowman on the front porch completed our decorative little model home.

Oooh! The anticipation for sugar cookies to come out of the oven!
 Some of our artistic creations :)

  Suprises from Santa on Christmas morning!
 The only picture I have of Jake wearing a helmet on his bicycle. I'm not sure why, but he won't hear of putting it on. I guess he'll have to wait to ride his bike...


Wendy said...

Yea for houses, cookies, a sense of humor, and a darling little boy.

David and Kate said...

cute pictures! how come the only shot of you has your belly hidden? We want to watch baby girl Miller grow!