Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday "2" You!

It's the birthday boy!! Jake is such a little boy (no more baby, that's for sure) and loved the excitement of his birthday. He wore birthday hats from last years party for days leading up to the big day and still gets the biggest grin when you sing "Happy Birthday."
The child is in love with Elmo, so that was the theme of our party this year.

Don't ask how much dye (not the cheap stuff) it took to make red, orange, and black frosting!

All the little boys wanted to help with the presents :)

Jake loves the Happy Birthday song

Blowing out the candles
Hooray for friends!

Hooray for family!

Hooray for cake and homemade ice cream!

We love you Jacob Cole! Happy Happy Birthday!


Snow Mommy said...

Great job on the cake! I can't imagine how much red that took!

Holly said...

He is so handsome and I think he looks a lot like you, Lisa! Sorry Brian. I finally updated my blog. I need to email you. So much happening. Congrats on your move and am glad you are closer. Maybe now, we can finally visit each other!!!!!