Sunday, January 24, 2010

Roommate Reunion

I got to visit with one of my roommates from BYU last week. Stephanie and her cute family are on a working adventure and were in Connecticut for a few months. I saw on her blog that they had been in New York during the holidays, and was happy to know that they were still around and we could meet up (I usually find out friends have been in town after the fact!) It was fun to catch up, meet her kids, and play for a couple of hours.


Vanessa Honda Photography Blog said...

Hmmm, I'm jealous. I wish we could have a roommate reunion. If I am ever in or near New York I promise to let you know well ahead of time!

Take Care!

Maria and Ryan said...

Some of my most favorite people got to get together! You lucky ducks! I was so jealous when Steph called to tell me you came down to visit! Glad you had a good time.

ALso, I have to tell you that your little boy is about the most precious thing I have ever seen! When we got your xmas card both Ryan and I couldn't get over how perfectly adorable Jake is. Doesn't it make you so happy to know you've created something so cute?

Love ya!

Melissa Gladwell said...

Lisa, I am glad you found my blog! Feel free to check it out anytime. I try to keep up on it okay. I hope we get to meet you soon. Are you planning on going to the wedding in Virginia in July? What did you think about Colorado springs? Any decisions yet? Hope Jake is feeling better. Your mom said he was sick.
Keep in touch! I took some night time cold med some I am getting sleepy. Better get to bed!