Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Latest at our House

Mr. Cool Dude in his sunglasses

"Horsing" around with Mama

One of Jake's new favorite activities--knocking over block towers.

Yes! Victory!

Going down the giant slide with Daddy

On the carousel with Mommy

I know it's been a while. We manage to stay really busy and, yet, feel like not much has happened at the same time. The little Monkey had his 15 month check up today, and is doing great. Healthy and developmentally on target. He's still tall and thin but eats about the same menu that we do...including things like chicken tikka masala, hawaiian style pizza, spaghetti squash, cherry tomatoes from our garden, and grilled Alaskan halibut. Oh, and don't forget the M&M's. :) His vocabulary is growing every day, both verbal and signing, and it's fun to see him learn new words. I guess he does pay attention to what we're trying to teach him.

Jake's favorite things to do right now are walk around with the phone up to his ear, saying, "Oh" (his version of "Hello"), climb up on the piano bench and play songs for us, take off his socks and shoes, climb into and out of his stroller, and play "let's knock down the tower" with Daddy. (Thank you Cadance for the block set.) He has the hardest time waiting for much of a tower to be built before laughing with glee as he knocks it over. It's pretty funny.

We went to the annual carnival down the street (quite literally down the street) this last weekend with Jake. Last year he was mesmerized by the lights, and this year was big enough to go on some of the rides (with a parent by his side, of course). I took him on the carousel and he went with Brian down the giant slide. His expression was pretty serious/somber during the carousel ride, but I thought it a success because there weren't any freak-out tears either. I was too busy trying to get a picture of him and Brian on the slide to notice if he liked it or not. Life through the camera lens.

I think that's about it for now. At least all that I can remember. Hope all is well with you!


Vanessa Honda Photography Blog said...

Thanks for the update. Jake is growing up so fast! He is at my favorite age - learning so much, showing lots of personality - but not really talking back yet :-) Enjoy every minute!

Glenn and Natalie said...

As amazing as he is, he continues to get cuter as he grows!
Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

Luella said...

I can't tell which one of you he looks like - you or Brian. His look changes with whoever he's with. He's so cute!(that must save him alot, doesn't it?)

kado! said...

how fun...and what great pics! He is one happy kid-o! We have to get together again! I am cleaning out the boys room and will have LOTS of toys he can get first dibs on.... ;)

ps...I love your wood floors! love the color!