Thursday, August 20, 2009

For Sale

Remember Shel Silverstein's book, "Where the Sidewalk Ends"? I loved that book as a kid, with its silly poems and pictures. Long before I ever had a child, I made sure that book took up residence in my personal library. One poem in particular has been running through my head the last couple of weeks, and by the photograph that precedes this post, you may already know which one that is. Here is my current rendition of For Sale by Shel Silverstein.

One toddler for sale!
One toddler for sale!
One crying and whining young toddler for sale!
I’m really not kidding,
So who’ll start the bidding?
Do I hear a dollar?
A nickel?
A penny?
Oh, isn’t there, isn’t there, isn’t there any
Someone that will buy this little kid for sale,
This crying and whining young toddler for sale?

I love my child, don't get me wrong. But I sometimes wonder if having a birthday didn't flip a switch that turned on the whining, crying, demanding little monster inside of him. I seriously question where my sweet little baby went. And I also question my own abilities to show him the necessary patience so that we both make it through this stage in one piece. I look around and see many families who have children older than two or three years of age, so there is a way for parent and child to survive, family relationships intact even.

I'm hoping that someone else out there can can't just be my own personal world...Any words of wisdom or even commiseration would be appreciated.


Snow Mommy said...

Humor and patience! You will do great!

denebug said...

Try to avoid impossible situations. Like if you need to do errands at 5 different stores. Not gonna happen in one day without someone having a breakdown. Try to recognize when your expectations are unrealistic from Jacob's POV. Yes, sometimes everyone, toddlers included, has to suck it and tough it out, but life's a lot easier if you are looking for trouble.

Kado! said...

I LOVE Shel Silverstein!!!

I've SO been there! I know some days can be hard...but it does get better...I promise!

hey...the weather man said Tuesday should be beautiful...wanna come to our place and hang at the beach?? I could pack us a lunch....let me know! Maybe at 11:30....after Mhasyn's soccer practice?

Luella said...

what, that adorable little face? Just keep telling him he's lucky he's so cute - that's what I've always told Michael. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky like I did -I lost 40 lbs during Michael's "terrible twos" because I was always chasing after him! When people asked me how I did it, I told them it was the "Michael diet", and that they were more than welcome to take him and try it, too!

LindsayAnn said...

Lisa, your post was so funny! I promise it's the age. I had emotional break downs all the time wondering if I was doing something wrong or I'd be scared/nervous if my disciplinary descisions were psychologically damaging to my child...I will get better once they turn 3. They'll even forgive you for locking them in their room for an hr (or maybe two)so you can recoup.

talonandanna said...

ah- you're not alone. i sympathize with you. it's a stage for most children i'm afraid and there are things we can learn as parents as we go through this journey that we cannot learn any other way. in those moments and on those days when things are tough, i have to remind myself that they were His first, not mine. that i need to try to treat them as He would and have patience as He would. (but of course knowing that it ain't gonna happen all the time like that LOL. gotta give ourselves a little slack and the little ones too. i sometimes have to tell myself that i need to try to live this day in the present as if it were my last. that helps me regroup sometimes as well. good luck. 'this too shall pass' in the mean time do what you can to get a break and some quiet time for yourself when you need it. :)