Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sitting Pretty

Jake's newest hang out (i.e. jail cell) is the laundry basket. Add a few toys and he's content to play for a little while.
The plastic is a little slippery and he frequently ends up in this position.
And sometimes he's not too happy about it! :)


David and Kate said...

So cute! He is getting so big. Thanks for sharing cute pics. Hope things are going well!

Tippetts said...

He is SO cute! My boys still love laundry baskets. :)

Glenn and Natalie said...

I love his sweet smile! Laudnry bakets make great play areas!

The Reid Daily said...

Hi Sheesh! Yes I actually made an account...but uh...haven't put anything on it yet, I'm waiting til i go to Ny and you can show me all the ins and outs...I don't have time right now... I am so stinking excited to come see you guys! He is getting soooo big!!! Love you!!!