Saturday, September 27, 2008

Play Date

Jake and I had our first official playdate with our friends Rebecca, Natalie, and Amelia. I think the playdate was more for my social benefit than for Jacob, but that's neither here nor there. We went to an animal preserve here on Long Island that houses everything from chickens to mountain lions (not in the same cage, of course) to alpaca and a woodchuck. I'm not sure where they got the wide array of animals, but I think some of them were illegal exotic pets or animals injured who can't be released into the wild. At any rate, I'm glad that someone is taking care of them and that I can bring my son to enjoy seeing them--at least he'll enjoy it when he's a little older. And its always fun to spend the afternoon with my favorite little 2-year-old Natalie (and her mom, of course). Here a couple of shots: Natalie and "baby Jabed" in front of the black bear, and one of Nattie comparing her wingspan to that of the eagle.

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talonandanna said...

good for you! what a fun outing. yep, you'll find you need this kind of interaction the longer you are out of the professional world and enjoying life as a mommy at home. BTW- have i mentioned, he's adorable?!